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The Story and Scents of A.J. Murray's

The Story and Scents of A.J. Murray's

Beard Grooming Products + Men's Shaving Products - Handcrafted in Louisville, KY

A.J. Murray's is family owned small business in Louisville, KY dedicated to handcrafting only the best men’s beard grooming products. 

The family business began in 2007 in women’s personal care products. As they grew, they began to get more and more requests for men’s products. So they developed a men’s product line that was used by family and friends. 

They are dedicated to using the best ingredients and treating their customer, with the utmost respect, care and attention. We hope that you will love our products and appreciate knowing that every purchase helps to support a worthy cause. Learn more about our non-profit partner, Active Heroes 

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Scent Profiles:
Amber Lager – part of the A.J. Murray’s Spirits line, this scent is an intoxicating blend of clove, pine, vanilla citrus and honey notes. Amber Lager soap is also made with lager beer.
Doc – our tribute to Doc Holiday, this blends tobacco with fir needle and bay leaf, topped with cedarwood and bergamot. A complex blend that results in a fresh, clean scent.
Hemingway – glance outside the windows of the home in the Floriday Keys where Hemingway wrote, you just may see jasmine flowers. We blend the delightful, sultry scent of jasmine with a touch of eucalyptus in our nod to him.
Hook –this blend of bay rum and lime essential oils combine for a fine Carribean scent.
Jack Frost – Warning: this blend of peppermint essential oil and menthol can be surprisingly cold! Jack Frost will certainly nip your nose. A refreshing way to wake up.
Kentucky Bourbon –  a complex, intoxicating scent that appeals to both guys and gals. Base notes of vetiver and cedar blend with bourbon, cognac, palmarosa and rose and ends with a hint that’s lightly sweet. A bestseller that celebrates our Kentucky roots!
Leonardo – a vibrant mix of scent as unique as the Renaissance Man himself. Contains a base of nutmeg, ginger and musk topped with light florals and citrus to round out the blend.
Lincoln – a rich blend of patchouli and musk, topped with a hint of honey to lighten and sweeten.
Luke – our nod to Cool Hand Luke contains spearmint and eucalyptus essential oils for a fresh, cooling scent.
St. Paddy – we celebrate all things Irish with our version of an Irish Springs scent.
Sherlock – we can picture Sherlock smoking a pipe as he contemplated his latest mystery. This blend of tobacco, vanilla and caramel is topped with a hint of rose and honey for an intriguing, mysterious scent.
Sweeney Todd – a bestseller this blend of spices and citrus notes transports you to a classic barbershop. A truly masculine scent.
Teddy – this Old Spice Classic dupe scent gives a nod to the rugged, manly outdoorsman, Teddy Roosevelt.
Thoreau – an ode to the naturalist, this blend of petitgrain, cedarwood and sage is a soothing, calming scent.
Watson – our version of Creed’s Green Irish Tweed is a sweet but spicy blend of citrus, light floral and a base of sandalwood. Very sexy and refined, much like we imagine Watson as he and Sherlock Holmes solved cases.
Wyatt – a blend of leather, frankincense, patchouli and citrus creates a sexy, musky scent like a fine leather jacket (or in Wyatt Earp’s case, a beautiful leather saddle)

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